Indoor / Outdoor Transceivers for DENG

Reliable bidirectional control and audio and video communication.

Janteq Key Features


Can operate in L/S/C Bands


Intelligent network management capabilities. Automatically switch to best available connection


Can operate as single device or as part of ACRx System

Small Form Factor

Small aluminum enclosure gives rugged protection with ability to be mounted on a bench or rack

Secure Connection

AES 256 Encryption ensures security and privacy

Onboard Video Encoding and Compression

H.264 video encoding and MPEG2 Video Compression from multiple cameras simultaneously as standard.

XTR2 Description

indoor unit and outdoor unit stacked on top of eachother

The XTR2 is a bench or rack mounted Indoor Unit (IDU) that is part of the Digital Electronic News-Gathering (DENG) System. The unit works in conjunction with an Outdoor unit (ODU) that houses the RF electronics. The two devices communicate via a Gigabit Ethernet cable which carries bi-directional AV and control.

The XTR2 unit can receive video either directly from cameras using SDI or HDMI, or through an RF link via an ODU. The XTR2 can encode, decode and transport content, and supports H.264 and MPEG2 video compression as standard.

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